2 Dudes Complete the Dumb and Dumber Mini-Bike Road Trip to Aspen


Ah Dumb and Dumber, the classic tale of two best friends Harry and Llyod who experience a whole range of dumb luck, bad timing, and a clear lack of common sense at times.

After a woman leaves a briefcase full of cash in the limo, the dynamic duo tracker her down to Aspen, Colorado and after a series of unfortunate events, wind up making the last leg of the trip on a minibike with a top speed of about 25 miles an hour.

Youtubers Ari and Zack of RevZilla recreated the epic adventure for their youtube channel and did their best to replicate the entire journey.

Between the poor gas mileage and noxious fumes, these dudes do their best to re-create the infamous ‘trip to aspen on a minibike’ scene from Dumb and Dumber. They end up experiencing all the highs and lows from the 115-degree summer heat to 10,000 feet climbed in altitude, this is a truly epic adventure.

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