23 Useful Facts That Might Save You in a Pinch


Most of the time, internet facts are like trivia. Something fun to know, but you may not do much with the knowledge but earn a beer on trivia night.

Some facts, though, might just save your life. Keep reading to discover the craziest ones!

If you find yourself stranded in a desert, ration sweat, not water. Of course don’t drink all of your water in one go, but the rate a which you’ll dehydrate and overheat if exerting yourself (e.g. walking/hiking too fast or climbing over obstacles in the heat of the day) will kill you much quicker. Many people are found dead, with water, which is terrifying. -u/kfnola

Point at someone and delegate. People freeze up in emergencies or assume someone else will handle a problem. Point at someone as say ‘you guy in the blue shirt. Go to the gate and tell the ambulance where we are. Ma’am? please go with him.’ Don’t ask ‘does anyone know CPR.’ Point at someone and ask if they do. Even if they don’t people are more likely to step forward in fear of being asked next and judged for not acting sooner then volunteering from the beginning. -u/Polyfuckery

4. Car jacks are for lifting, not holding. -u/SmackedWithARuler

5. Not too crazy but if someone is acting drunk but didn’t have any alcohol, ask them to smile, if one side of their mouth is down, take them to a doctor cause they are having or will have a stroke. -u/Simecrafter

If you’re choking, don’t get embarrassed, don’t go to the bathroom, don’t walk away from people. I’ve seen a couple people nearly die because they were panicking and walked away from the dinner table(s) and such while choking.Do the universal sign for choking with both your hands on your neck, and most people will get the message. -u/Kat-is-sorry

7. A motorcycle helmet is stronger than a skull. -u/batch1972

8. Teabags stop bleeding. They have an acid called tannic which is a natural clotting agent. -u/kerryseven

9. If you sit down to sh*t in prison, remove one foot completely from your pants so you can get up and fight if attacked. -u/shoognite

“Prison Cell on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California”

If you drive after being awake for 24 hours, your response times are impaired the equivalent of somebody just over the drink-driving limit. -u/SuvenPan

Ammonia and bleach do not mix. -u/Mustangjustin

12. If the forest suddenly falls silent stop and listen. More often than not it means apex predator is near. -u/Accurate_Western_346

13. A non-permeable snack bag, like a potato chip bag, and duct tape can be used to seal a sucking chest wound long enough to get the victim to a hospital. -u/HeinzThorvald

14. You can hold a plastic bag around a willow tree branch with leaves and it will start condensating drinkable water in the bag. -u/Funkaceratops

15. When caught in a rip at the beach just swim slowly along the beach, parallel to the shore until you feel the pull ease up then swim towards the shore. -u/VegansAreRight

16. When performing CPR, chest compressions need to be continuous, deep and fairly quick.Call for an ambulance first. If you can get someone to help you, do so, because it is exhausting.For an adult, good quality chest compressions should be two per second and 5-6cms deep.You should lock your hands together one on top of the other, get your arms straight, lock your elbows and push with the heel of your bottom hand into the middle of the chest…HARD. And you do not stop until help arrives.The rumor that chest compressions can crack ribs is true, but trust me, they’d rather have broken ribs than be dead. -u/Fluid_Assignment837

17. If someone ODs, don’t wait to discuss or figure out if you/they will “get in trouble.” Every minute counts and if staff ask if they took anything, tell them immediately.Tests will reveal it anyway, but every minute they have to run them is another minute they can’t treat the patient correctly. Do not hesitate to call emergency services for a suspected overdose, as quick and treatment and response is imperative.They’re not the police, they’re not out to get anyone in trouble and if it messes with something like their doctor’s prescriptions, it’s preferable to leave them to die. If you do any kind of opiates or have people at your house who do often, have naloxone handy and know how to administer it. -u/Odimorsus

Drink vodka if you get anti-freeze in your system. -u/Jen_The_Squid10

19. If you need to check a pressurized line(ex: hydraulic line), never ever use your hand, use a piece of cardboard or soapy water. If you use your hand to check, the pressure can cause the fluid to cut your skin, and liquids like hydraulic fluid WILL cause gangrene in a matter of hours. Go to the hospital immediately and get them to check you right away, don’t take no for an answer! It could mean the difference between keeping vs losing your limb. -u/OldManAndTheBench

20. Sucking out snake venom doesn’t work. If you’ve been bitten by a venomous snake, take a clear picture from a distance and call an ambulance immediately. The picture will be used to identify the snake species in order to get the most effective antivenin. Edit: I answer why, despite having CROFAB (universal antivenin), narrowing down the species aids in treatment.This will especially save your life: if you see a venomous snake, do not approach to kill it or relocate it! This how people get bitten. Spray it with water and it should leave, or, wait 30 minutes and it will be gone. Getting close to a venomous snake with the intent to kill it is how you will get bitten.If you see a snake you can’t identify 100% – if there is even the slightest possibility you don’t know – DONT pick it up. (This is surprisingly common) -u/Kooky-Copy4456

21. If you ever have to rescue a drowning person, throw them something to grab onto beside yourself. -u/jump_the_shark_

Safety equipment, Life buoy or rescue buoy floating on sea to rescue people from drowning man.

22. When you see someone faint, DON’T help him stay up. Gently catch and lay down asap. They’re fainting because the brain needs blood to stay alive, keeping them upright will prevent this.If you feel light-headed, lay down so that no dumbass will try to keep you on your feet. If you suffer from any condition that causes fainting, explain this to people around you. -deleted user


23. If the ocean water suddenly recedes at the beach you’re at a tsunami is probably coming. Run, don’t look at the fish. -u/Grenachejw

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