7-year-old Skylar Blu shocks with her dance performance


A performance to remember as 7-year-old Skylar Blu made her Britain’s Got Talent debut thanks to a surprise visit from judge Alesha Dixon. She shocked the young performer with the news that she had the chance to audition for the show this year.

As the bright lights obscured reality and dream, young Skylar Blu exhibited her riveting and striking performance keeping crowds stuck for each leap, skip, and spin.

The meaning of such a stunning dance number unquestionably wasn’t lost on the crowd. Cheers and applauding could be heard all through Skylar Blu’s thoroughly prepared show of dance mastery.

As her performance came to a nearby, the haze of the appointed authority’s endorsement weighed weighty over the stage as Skylar Blu watched on with tense interest as Simon Cowell immediately guaranteed the performance as “mind boggling.”

Making a whirlwind of feeling all through the theater, David Walliams would proceed with Cowell’s opinion with, “you’re this great at 7, wow mate, kindly remember us when that is no joke.”

As cheers continued, a grin would shape over young Skylar Blu’s face as she required in each second of the gleaming climate around her. Starting off the train of yeses would be the gifted appointed authority that carried the young dancer to the stage, Alesha Dixon, which would be trailed by 3 more yeses from Simon Cowell, David Walliams, and Amanda Holden.

Holding back tears, young Skylar would offer a cute “much obliged” to the judges as Simon Cowell would streak his renowned thumbs-up signal establishing a phenomenal performance that will most likely fuel Skylar Blu’s future dance numbers.

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