90-Year-Old Woman Changes Words To Patsy Cline Song And Audience Can’t Get Enough


When men and women turn 90 years old, their loving and supportive family throws a big party for them.The birthday celebrant usually sits back, enjoys the food and conversations, and watches what their family prepared for them.But this grandma is different. She is the Musical Grandma, after all.

Grandma Vera was turning 90 and she was celebrating it with 60 of her family and friends. And because all of the people she loved were with her, she decided to surprise them with a performance of her own.She dusted off her old guitar and treated her guests to a special vintage performance of a 23-year-old song.

Yes, Grandma Vera is a talented musician. And she rewrote a hilarious version of a famous song that most, if not all, seniors can relate to.

Are you ready for this?
“Does anybody remember Patsy Cline and ‘I Fall To Pieces?‘” Grandma Vera asked her guests. “Well, I rewrote it and I dedicated it to seniors and it’s ‘We Fall To Pieces.’ And if any of you young people think it’s not true, I have news for you!”

That was met with a lot of laughs from everyone.
The original song, I Fall To Pieces, is about unrequited love. It’s written from the perspective of a woman who believes they should be with their ideal partner but they’re not.

“The toughest songs in the world to write are love songs … I’d rather get into a song about a relationship that’s a little bit shaky or even tragic,” Harlan Howard, one of the songwriters, shared about the process of writing this song.

Patsy Cline wasn’t a big fan of the song because she felt the different components didn’t reflect her music style. Plus her previous song didn’t do very well in the charts so she had her doubts.
Her doubts though pushed her to create a wonderful voice for this song. And, although it had a rocky start, it did eventually reach a slow, steady climb to #1.

And when Patsy Cline passed away from a plane crash in 1963, the song became an instant classic. And so many singers recorded their own version of the hit song.

And that list also included Grandma Vera.
We fall to pieces, Just when it’s time to have fun.

We fall to pieces, From our lab work that we’ve done.

We go out and buy brand new RVs, Just so we can see this country.

And we scrimp and save for our golden years. Now they’re here and we fall to pieces.

She turned around and rewrote the song into this hilarious parody about seniors and hearing aids and they can’t get up when they’ve bent down.

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