A 103-year-old man asks for alms, but does not keep the money for himself


The kindness of this elderly man is known all over the world, his name is Dobri Dobrev.

He was born back in 1914, people came up with a nickname for him: «The Saint from the village of Baylovo», so they call him behind his back.

Every day he goes to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, gets to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and asks for alms there.

But he’s an unusual drifter. The point is, he’s giving all the money he’s collected to charities, orphanages, and churches.

He used to walk from a village to the capital, but 103 is not the age where it is easy to walk a few kilometers. Now a man rides buses.

Of all the donations that he collects, Dobri keeps only 10 cents daily.

Seventeen years ago, this holy man donated all his possessions to the Church and began an ascetic lifestyle.

A man lives on a small pension of about $100. He sews his own clothes and shoes. «The Lord gives me bread, and I don’t need more,» says the man.

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