A 3-year-old girl ran to firefighters and said her father was «frozen»


Very often in critical situations, children show incredible courage and ingenuity. The heroine of this story is a 3-year-old girl who showed herself unusually brave and saved the life of her father.

These events took place in 2010. Then little Alessandra played at home. She was looked after by her father. It was time for him to take his medication. The man took the wrong dose and overnight fell to the floor in the middle of the room. As soon as his daughter saw what had happened, she immediately knew what to do.

Most children would be confused in such a situation, but not Alessandra. Her parents taught her how to act in such situations. They told her to go to safety and ask for help. Such a place was a fire station located near their house. Alessandra and her parents often passed by this building.

The girl went there. She told firefighters that her father was «frozen» and needed help. Then the firefighters went after her. As soon as they arrived at the house, they found the girl’s father in critical condition. He needed resuscitation. Firefighters called an ambulance, and soon the man was taken to the hospital.

The girl’s father could have died without timely medical care. The courage and ingenuity of his daughter saved his life!

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