A soldier’s dog wounded in the paw leaves the army and meets its new family at a ceremony in his honor.


Luna now has a home. This dog’s career in the armed forces has just ended, and it was able to meet its family at an event organized in its honor.

Luna, a 7-year-old Belgian Shepherd Dog, served in the army for many years. She specialized in explosives detection, she also trained in biting and attacking. «This set makes her a formidable dog, but it doesn’t stop her from being a good friend to all family members,» assures Porschia Allio Isom, a senior sergeant in the US Air Force.

For the past 12 months, Luna has served with the military police at Hurlburt Air Force Field Base in Florida. Her partner was Porschia, who had been in the military for 9 years, 5 of which worked as a dog handler.

Luna accompanied him on his last trip abroad. This time it was South Korea. It was there that they became very close. The soldier says he adored her from the first day.

Unfortunately, the dog suffered an injury to its right hind paw. The wound did not heal completely, although it is insignificant, because of it, Luna will no longer be able to serve in the army.

At a ceremony in her honor, Luna met her new family, which already has 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 fish, and 2 turtles. Without a doubt, Luna will feel comfortable and loved in her new family.

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