A street photographer tracked down the people he shot 30 years ago and recreated the photos


Chris Porsche is a street photographer. In the 70s and 90s of the last century, he wandered the streets of the British town of Peterborough and photographed people. Four decades later, Chris decided to find the characters of his photos to learn about their fates and recreate the events captured in the old pictures.

And the photographer managed to do that. He found a lot of these people and he took pictures of them. There were 135 photos, of which Porsche created an entire photo book, calling it «Reunification». Take a look at some photos from this album.

«For chips»: 1983 and 2016. Andy Randall and Martin Coulson were high school buddies and often went together for potato chips.

«Ice Cream»: 1981 and 2015. In the first photo — 5-year-old Donna Yarnell and her 3-year-old brother Steven. Two years later, the family moved, so it was a great pleasure for the siblings to return to their childhood.

«Iron Mickey»: in 1980 and 2016. Motorcyclist Steve Osborne after accidents and fractures in the bone installed bolts and staples, for which the guy was nicknamed Iron Mickey. Steve is married, has 4 children, and still walks with walking sticks. He is also a musician who helps disabled bikers.

«Railway Kiss»: 1980 and 2016. Tony Wilmot says goodbye to beloved Sally. The couple did not notice the photographer, and 30 years later, Tony’s father saw the photo that appeared in the newspaper. The lovers married a year after the recorded farewell, they are still together and raise two children.

«Dog and Tina»: 1985 and 2015. These two were punks, in the 1990s left their hometown for travels. The couple had twins, but the union broke up. The days of Tina and Dog are remembered with awe.

«The pink Mohican»: 1985 and 2016. Badger Fakyu remembers well how he ate a big pizza in two minutes and won the competition. Today he lays down the roads and is the father of 5 children.

«Sisters»: 1980 and 2013. 7-year-old twins Ruhsan and Shehnaz with their 9-year-old sister Itrat often looked out the window. Everyone still lives in Peterborough and they’ve had their own families for a long time.

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