After his wife left, father raised daughter alone. When she grew up, mother came back into her life


As a child, Julia was often asked where her mother was. And the girl would tell them that her mother sailed on a research vessel in distant seas, conquered the highest mountain peaks,

went on archaeological expeditions. And the neighborhood kids and classmates at school were jealous and amazed at what a cool mom Julia had.

The truth was very far from those childhood fictions. Her mother had simply left her for her rich lover. When Julia was four years old and her father was downsized at work, times were hard in their family. And her mother loved the carefree life and soon found a man who could provide it for her. 

The girl stayed with her father and they lived in real poverty. For many years she was glad that they didn’t even have a camera and didn’t have any pictures from that horrible time. Julia’s father didn’t give up, but he hardly had time to be with his daughter. 

The man had to earn money wherever he could: he worked as a longshoreman, a construction worker on construction sites, did repair work for people. Sometimes he asked an elderly lonely neighbor to babysit his daughter in exchange for his help. And sometimes he would simply turn on the TV to Julia, lock her in the house alone, and go to work. The girl was very afraid to be alone and cried every time her father left. For the continuation watch the video.

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