Amazing family with three pairs of twins


When twins are born in a family, it’s so wonderful, and when three pairs of twins it’s just incredible! This phenomenon is very rare and occurs approximately once in half a million.

But the married couple Karen and Colin were lucky enough to become the parents of three pairs of twins. The family already had four children: Finn and Jude, 12 years old, and Lewis and Kyle, 14 years old.

When Karen became pregnant for the third time, the doctors convinced her that there would definitely be no twins. But at the ultrasound procedure, they were surprised: it turned out that a woman was carrying twins under her heart. Karen admits that she didn’t even think that this could happen, but she was still very happy. When she texted her husband with the news, he thought that his wife was joking. In response, he wrote: «This is not funny» …

Parents with many children thought that they would have a couple of boys again, and the gender of the future children was not even recognized. For this reason, the birth of two girls was happiness for them.

Karen still does not believe that two little women are already growing in her house and jokes that now they will have five defenders: a father and four brothers.

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