An American classic: When lovable Edith talks Archie Bunker’s ear off


Archie and Edith are iconic comedians who act out some funny situations that real life throws at us. It may not seem funny to any of us when it happens in our daily lives, but when seen on a comedy show made for TV, we simply cannot stop laughing.

One of the most familiar moments you will ever watch is when your partner constantly talks into your ear. Repeating stories day in and day out without realizing, or caring, that the tale had been told several times before.

Throughout a marriage, there will be times when your partner will simply ramble on and on, not even caring if you are actually listening. At times, it may even seem like you want to end the non-stop drone of their voice as they repeat the same stories over and over again.

It is human nature to become annoyed in these circumstances. Even though it may seem like they are talking nonsense, it is something vital that they want to share. We all laugh when a comedian such as Archie responds to his wife Edith’s constant talking by pretending to kill himself.

It is not so funny when it happens to us in real life, but we can all relate to the situation. In life, you will find that this type of behavior is more common than you would think, and it does not have to be centered around your life partner. Your friends, and the rest of your family, can be seen doing the exact same thing.

“All in the Family” is a comedy show based around aspects of real life, with a kick. The show goes above and beyond what the situation is honestly like, and the reactions are simply over the top. That is what makes it so funny, though. The combination of actual life events and the exaggerated responses of Archie to the constant talking of Edith makes for a comedic relief from the stresses of everyday life.

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