Antique shop owner pays homeless dad $20 for item but when dealer learns it’s rare he tracks down man


The store owner was shocked when he discovered the seemingly useless piece of junk was actually worth so much more.

Anyone who’s a fan of going to Goodwill knows there’s always a chance you’ll find a hidden gem that’s worth big bucks. After all, sometimes people donate things without even realizing that they’re sitting on a treasure.

One day, an antique shop in Edmonton, Alberta called Curiosity Incorporated was visited by their regular walk-in client, a homeless man named Adam Gillian.

He thought it would be worth a couple of bucks that would help him get through the day. The antique store owner, Alexander Archbold, handed Gillian $20.00 for an old framed picture of the Disney character, Bambi.

For Adam, it was quite a good trade for something that he just found laying along with some trash so he didn’t bother negotiating with the price.

In a documentary YouTube video, Alexander narrated that he didn’t quite notice the unique details of the piece. With further research and a thorough look at the item, it turned out it was worth was way more than just $20.

He was able to sell the old Disney animation cel and the amount was definitely unexpected – something very far from what he gave to the homeless man.

Thankfully, Archbold was kind and generous enough to share the blessing.

He decided to divide the total amount of the item and give the other half to Adam. The only problem was that, since the guy was homeless, he didn’t know where to find him. So the antique store owner initially wandered the streets hoping to find him.

At the time, the holiday season was fast approaching, which meant the temperatures were dropping. Looking for him was pretty hard since homeless people usually look for places that give them warmth in the cold season.

In the same video, he confessed to having a tough life before he even entered the world of buy & sell.

He explained:

“My mom worked three jobs for a while, and we didn’t have a home. We struggled with poverty and homelessness ourselves when I was a kid. And for much of junior high, we lived in motels.”

He also said he doesn’t want to milk profit from less fortunate people as he can completely relate to their tough life. That’s the reason why he really pursued looking for Adam and giving him what he deserved.

He searched and searched. Archbold looked for Adam for two weeks.

In the video’s comment section, Archbold shared updates about the GoFundMe account, and what he ended up doing for Adam with the other half of the earnings from the rare animation cel.

“We didn’t mention it in this video but Adam did get the entire value of the piece. We used the other half for food clothes and a ticket home. Additionally we were able to raise $18k through gofundme. There is an update linked to the end of this video  thanks for watching! And all the best to you Adam and your new future!”

Based on another video from Curiosity Incorporated, the two were able to meet again a year after. Things were going great for Adam, as he’s again back to work and back on his feet.

Sadly, there are a lot of people who would have just kept the money and never considered sharing it. Thank goodness though there are also kind and honest individuals who believe in doing the right thing.

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