At eight weeks old, this baby already knows how to stand on her legs!


Many children grow up faster than you can imagine.

Today we will tell you an incredible story about a British baby who learned to stand at the age of 8 weeks!

She was born on January 31 and weighed just 5lbs 9oz, which was on the 5th percentile, meaning she weighed less than 5% of other babies her age.

But now 8-weeks-old, Lula is able to stand unassisted, supporting her own weight and her parents thing she might have been inspired by the strongman clips they watch on Youtube.

Tezra said: “When she was about a month old, she was having a tantrum and I tried to sit her on my knee to calm her. Instead of sitting down, she just stood on my knee and wouldn’t bend her legs.”

At the moment, doctors do not know how to explain this phenomenon, but one thing is clear – Lula is significantly ahead of her peers in physical development. One of the unofficial versions is that the baby’s dad is an athlete, he is engaged in arm wrestling and already at the age of 13 could put any adult on the shoulder blades in no time.Tezra thinks another reason for her strength might be a good muscle-to-weight ratio, based on the fact she was a small baby at birth.

The pair watched the Babies documentary on Netflix and learned that babies are inherently programmed to crawl from birth, so they thought Lula might be able to.

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