At the age of 35, she has 9 children


Children are the most important thing in our life.But their birth and upbringing is a huge job that parents as a rule fully devote to their descendants. They forget themselves,

their appearance and their former life begin to engage with the children in their development, ensuring a healthy and good childhood.

Today we want to introduce you to Satu Nordling Gonzalez and her husband Andreas, they are raising 9 children together! A married couple lives in Sweden, they keep their blog on social networks, where they share all the moments of their lives with their children.

She already has 9 children at the age of 35. Subscribers always leave a lot of comments on the family page, and everyone agrees that, despite the large number of births, the woman is beautiful and has kept an excellent figure.

The woman admits that it is not easy to give birth to 9 children, and it takes a lot of effort to hold them on her wrists, she says she often feels tired, but the smiles and love of children motivate her:

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