Australian sisters spent $250,000 for an identical makeover. How did they look before!


Twin sisters from Australia decided to radically change their appearance. And since they are twins and did not want to lose their similarity, the same procedures were done on both. Anna and Lucy are 34 years old and they spent $ 250,000 on all these delights.

All surgeries are performed simultaneously and are carried out by the same doctors. The sisters do not want to be different. They absolutely love to look the same.

Does it surprise you that they want to remain completely identical? Then you will be even more surprised by the fact that the two of them share the same man.

Ben Byrne has been in a relationship with twin sisters for 9 years now.

Women have now decided that both should have a baby from the same person.

Lately, one of the ardent opponents of such reincarnations somehow got hold of pictures of the sisters taken long before they lay down on the operating table.

Judge for yourself, was there a need for such sacrifices and torments that they endured?

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