Bryce Leatherwood sings Conway Twitty’s ‘Goodbye Time’ on ‘The Voice’


Bryce Leatherwood has been a force of nature since arriving on ‘The Voice.’ His pure country voice and rugged good looks have made him a fan favorite. During the ‘Blind Auditions,’ Bryce sang ‘Goodbye Time’ by Conway Twitty.

Bryce Leatherwood

Tackling a legendary country classic from Conway Twitty is no easy task, but Bryce finds a way to deliver an impressive rendition. It doesn’t take long for country star Blake Shelton to spin his chair in approval.

He is quickly followed by Gwen Stefani and John Legend. The song’s powerful chorus showcases Bryce’s range, which is enough to get the judges’ attention.

Bryce Leatherwood

Bryce’s family is backstage cheering him on. Once the song concludes, Judge Camila Cabello encourages Blake Shelton and John Legend by yelling, “Fight, fight, fight!”

Bryce tells the judges, “I grew up with that song on a cassette tape in my Granddaddy’s truck.” John Legend and Gwen Stefani make a plea to try to get Bryce on their team while arguing with Blake.

Bryce Leatherwood

After some drama, Bryce says, “With the country knowledge, I got to go, Team Blake,” and the audience erupts in applause. It made sense since the song Bryce chose was a cover by Blake Shelton in 2004.

‘Goodbye Time’ was a big hit for legend Conway Twitty in 1988 and Blake Shelton in 2004. Bryce Leatherwood’s blind audition was also successful, using the popular country classic and joining Team Blake.

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