Do you perform like this haven’t heard a song listen if you liked it


On the YouTube channel ‘RoomieOfficial,’ we get a chance to see ‘CaseyOfficial’ and his first attempt at singing male and female voices in the same song. Many other singers have attempted this and succeeded on YouTube.

Recorded in Westminster, London, this video highlights beautiful sights of the city, up until Casey gets his skateboard taken! There’s a lot of humor blended into Casey’s endeavor to become familiar with another singing skill.

He concedes his new singing ‘Man-pulverize’ named Marcelito Pomoy. Casey shows an example of Marcelito’s work, and it is shocking. He really has the ability to sing as either a man or a woman.

Casey gets back to his music studio to evaluate singing in the two territories. He sings an entry in a low man’s voice and afterward a section in a higher woman’s voice. Subsequent to attempting it, he snickers and says, ‘Indeed, that sucked quite hard!’

He makes sense of try to sing in his falsetto or ‘head voice’ with articulation. Assuming he pushes excessively hard and sings excessively clearly, he will uncover his male voice. He starts mirroring another well known YouTuber, Nick Pitera. Casey attempts to sing alongside Nick and even Marcelito.

Casey goes on one more excursion to the air terminal to get his folks and sibling, who flew in from Sweden. There’s some inspiring association with his loved ones. He gives them candy and prods his sibling about his tan and ongoing shave.

He goes into his second endeavor to sing like a woman and a man. An animation picture comes up on screen to add satire to the investigation. Casey doesn’t feel like his performance is near the greats, but he knows it is better than anyone might have expected. He shuts the video with a skateboard stunt that is cleverly disappointing.

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