‘Driving Home For Christmas’ video is the perfect combo of sight and sound


As snow dusts the ground and families sip on warm cups of peppermint chocolate, holiday tunes are everywhere. You probably know all the classics, but you might have missed out on a song that deserved more attention when it debuted.

That song is “Driving Home for Christmas” by Chris Rea. This wintery song came out in 1986 but did not hit the top 50 songs in the United Kingdom until two years later, in 1988.

While this song had a resurgence in 2007, climbing to the 33rd spot in the top 50 list, we still think it deserved better. Apparently, we were not the only ones who thought so.

The YouTube channel Old Records Club reposted the song in 2014, and the tune immediately went viral. As of writing, this Christmas song is on its way to 45 million views.

The “Driving Home for Christmas” video offers an accurate representation of what kind of song you can expect. The music is upbeat and full of country music spirit, perfect for a drive.

Whether you are coasting down a long open road or sitting in urban traffic, this song is sure to keep you in high spirits, which is precisely what we all need around the winter holidays.

Even if you are not gearing up for the holiday season, play this song for yourself next time you drive back to your loved ones after a long day. Chris Rea’s deep voice is magnificent company as you make your way home on your commute.

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