European housewives found the five appliances impractical and got rid of them in the kitchen, but we keep buying…


These things, without which no kitchen can do without, it turns out, are not so necessary. Many housewives are convinced that spending money on these items is just a nonsense. So maybe it’s time for us to make room in the kitchen, too.

Housewives in European countries are genuinely perplexed, why pay for such a cumbersome device? The food in it heats unevenly, consuming more energy than if you heat it on the stove. It often happens that the device only warms the plate, and the food stays cold, and even frozen.

In Europe, the microwave oven is replaced by a conventional stove, electric or gas. Food is cooked on it for one time, nothing is left for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Europe is against the meat grinder.

But in our country we can’t do without it, pike cutlets of what they are worth! Meat mince is also prepared at home, but in a store one can hardly check what was put into it. Europeans, apparently, are used to quality standards, and they have a great choice, so meat grinders have no place in their kitchens, and a decent piece of meat can be used for something more interesting.

Scales for the kitchen.

For us it’s a masthead, but for European women it’s just another bliss. Of course, they use recipes where they weigh sugar, cereals or flour. But the manufacturer’s packages always have weight labels on them, you just have to pour or pour out the right amount. Homemade recipes do not require jewelry precision, well will be in cheesecakes a little less flour or a little less cottage cheese, so what? Just about got it, and okay, and then experience will tell.

Cloth towels.

In the former CIS countries, no kitchen is free of shabby waffle towels or even terry towels. Europeans put themselves on rolls of disposable paper or non-woven, and they have cloth ones only for holidays, with drawings in the theme. Cloth towels are declared unhygienic evil, nobody wants to wash them.

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