“Father, don’t take my words too seriously, just listen to me”


Dad fell sharply ill and it was clear from him that something serious had happened, he even had to call an ambulance, there was only one problem he lived in a God-forgotten village, so it took too long to get to him. It was clear to everyone that, most likely,

the ambulance would not even have time to arrive, and the relatives, with pain in their eyes, did not know what to do, because dad practically did not move.

I probably won’t wait for medical help … It’s better for me to say goodbye to you right away …

Not! cried his wife, who could no longer cry.

There’s nothing you can do, — said dad and touched his son. “I’m sorry for everything that happened in our life, and if I offended you with something, then forgive me, because I always wanted to do what was best for you …

Dad, it’s okay, I also have to apologize to you for a lot … In fact, I knew where you kept the money and took it a little every month, but I didn’t tell you, so excuse me …

What money? asked the wife of her child in surprise. How can my husband have money?

Well, it’s okay, since I won’t be here soon, then take everything that is there, ”the husband said. I’m definitely not going to use that money. You can even buy a car for this money so that it reminds you of me.

The wife went and took this hidden money, but to her surprise, there was only five thousand, for which you can hardly buy anything, so she began to ask her husband where everything had gone:

Where is all the money? the wife asked.

I left two hundred and fifty thousand there, which I planned to give to one of you at the right time for something important, ”papa said with disappointment. — Matvey, you said that you take quite a bit, so what did you spend them on?

Father, just don’t take it seriously and you can even after my words say that I’m not your son, but in fact I decided to become a girl …

Of course, this may be stupid, but this is my decision. Everything is fine, you can even be glad that I won’t have to serve in the army, but I didn’t even know that I would have to give such money for the operation.

Shut up immediately! Dad shouted, and then he got up from the bed. — It turns out that I saved up money for five years to buy myself a big boat, and you took it and spent it all so madly? I won’t leave it like that, because I wanted to raise a normal man, and not who I don’t understand, so wife, bring my gun with two cartridges at once!

Are you going to shoot your son? — the wife said with fright, but nevertheless went to the room for weapons.

I don’t want you to live with such disgrace when I die, so you’d better be left alone.

Dad, wait, don’t do this,” the son said and immediately ran to his room, and then returned a couple of minutes later and gave the money to dad. “I haven’t spent it yet, I was just going to…”

Return them to your mother, not to me, and tomorrow go to the army, there they will make you a normal guy who will live normally and you won’t have such thoughts anymore. I won’t die until I know you’ve gone into the army.

At this time, an ambulance arrived, but they realized that they were no longer needed here and, getting into the car, drove back to the city.

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