Fence Heckler Calls Dave Portnoy a ‘Rape Apologist’ and ‘Union Buster’ Mid Pizza Review


Dave Portnoy, Founder of Barstool Sports, was out filming another episode of his pizza review show, ‘One Bite’ when a woman spotted him from behind her fence and lent him a piece of her mind.

The ‘El Presidente as he had dubbed himself is not unfamiliar with being spotted on the street. However, those who run into him while he’s stuffing his mouth with pizza are usually fans, he is no stranger to controversy.

What makes this clip special is how controlled and thought-out his heckler’s criticism is. She calls him a rape apologist and a union buster, both things he has been accused of publicly. But what makes her heckling resonate is how self-assured she is. She knows what she wants to say and she says it. Unlike many haters and losers, she isn’t afraid of confronting her enemies head-on and for that, she deserves your respect.

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