For a final farewell, a nurse places her dying twin next to her baby. The world then witnesses a miracle


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It’s amazing how much our perceptions of another person can influence us. Many people have felt safe and calmed by simply being around certain people.

It might seem unbelievable, but it could save someone’s life. The story I’m about to tell you is a testament to the strength of certain people.

When she placed her newborn twin in hospital alongside her dying twin, a nurse made history. This act saved the life of the little girl. SHARE THIS TWEET

It all began when Kyrie Jackson and Brielle Jackson, twins, were born in Massachusetts in October 1995. They didn’t have an easy start to life. The twins were just one kilogram in weight when they arrived at the world 12 weeks early.

The twins were placed in separate incubators. After her birth, Kyrie was able to gain weight quickly and gained weight. However, twin sister Brielle had a much harder time. She was crying and screaming a lot.

Brielle’s condition deteriorated over the next few days. Gayle Kasparian (a nurse in the intensive care unit) tried everything to help Brielle. She lifted the item and held onto it. She let her father hold her. She wrapped her in a blanket. She tried to comfort her by wiping her nose. It hasn’t worked.

Gayle then recalled something she heard in Europe. Gayle realized that it was against hospital policy, but she was so upset by the situation that she decided to give it another chance. Baby Brielle was placed in the same incubator with Kyrie, her twin sister. Brielle snuck closer to Kyrie almost immediately.

Brielle’s terrible condition soared. She was able to breathe easier. She stopped crying and soon had a normal color. Brielle’s health steadily improved over the next few weeks. So long as she was next to Kyrie.

A local newspaper photographer captured the moment between twin sisters. It would become a memorable photo for many years.

The newborns together navigated through their difficult beginnings. They became healthy preschoolers. Major media attention was paid to the photo of the twins in an incubator kissing.

The image spread quickly on the Internet and was even featured on the cover of Life and Reader’s Digest. The media attention paid to parents Heidi Jackson and Paul Jackson grew to the point that they had to change their phone numbers. Everyone wanted to see the twins’ growth.

This was the first attempt at such a thing by the hospital. Gayle Kasparian was applauded for her common-sense, which saved the little girl. Gayle believed that twins shouldn’t be separated. Exactly!

This event changed hospital guidelines regarding twin births. Clinical studies have also shown clear health benefits to placing twins in the same room. This famous hug saved lives and has changed how you treat premature twins.

Imagine what it would be like if the nurse hadn’t tried to do that. Brielle wouldn’t be here today. It is important to believe in the impossible and test everything!

This story has touched my heart and given me hope. It is a wonderful story that you can share with others.

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