Grandma decided to throw our family out of the house when we were in a difficult situation, in order to please her overgrown daughter


My grandmother has a youngest daughter who still lives with her, although she is already thirty-seven years old and it’s time to arrange her personal life, but she doesn’t even have a boyfriend, and most likely she doesn’t even think about children. It is not at all difficult for a grandmother to provide for her daughter, because she loves her very much. Even after her death, she will transfer all the property to her youngest daughter. My mother has to pay all the utilities in her mother’s house because of her sister, and she also lives very far from her.

I didn’t want to communicate with them at all, I never even had to ask them for help, and then I was forced to improve relations with relatives from my mother’s side. At that time, our family managed to save up quite a bit of money, because we were collecting for an apartment, but we didn’t even have enough for the first installment. When we were going to buy a two-room apartment, we realized that we needed to buy at least a one-room apartment. A little later, we realized that it was better to buy an apartment without repairs at all in order to complete it normally, but it took time.

Unfortunately, in this case, we will not have enough for a rented apartment to live in it for at least six months during the renovation. Then I had to ask my granny to live for a while, although I didn’t want it at all, but there was no choice and I had to come to terms with it. Grandmother didn’t mind at all and said that she would gladly accept us even for five years, until we made repairs in our future apartment.

We ended up moving in with Grandma with all our belongings, but we kept saving for materials to renovate our new apartment. We had to at least buy food for my grandmother and my aunt, because I couldn’t live just like that and wanted to somehow pay for living in someone else’s apartment. Every week I brought a large package of groceries to their house, but my aunt was very impudent and could eat it all alone, and then tell my grandmother that we did not buy anything. Even then, her behavior began to irritate me, because every day my aunt became more impudent and commanded us, as if we were housekeepers in this apartment.

Then, it is not clear why, my mother called me, who almost crying said that we need to move out of this house as soon as possible. I found out only a couple of days later that my aunt yelled at my grandmother and said that she could no longer stay with us, because, according to her, we spoil the apartment and don’t even clean it. Grandmother was very afraid that she might upset her daughter in some way, so at her request she kicked us out.

My husband and I packed our bags, but I no longer knew where I could go, because acquaintances can let us into their home for a maximum of one day, and this is simply pointless. As a result, my mother sent me twenty-five thousand so that I could rent at least some apartment for two months. I was very offended by my grandmother, because then she never called me and did not ask how we live, although because of her we could be homeless for several weeks. And now I will have a special relationship with my aunt and I will never see her again.

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