Guy Humiliates Himself With Weakest Punch Ever


This guy thoroughly embarrassed himself after delivering the weakest punch in the history of mankind on an arcade punching machine in front of a group of snickering girls. He no doubt had delusions of grandeur, rolling up his sleeves and stepping into a punch he probably believed would put his masculinity on full display for them to marvel and fight over. Instead he barely grazes the bottom of the punching bag, sending it perfectly drifting back into it’s upright position, and earning him the meager score of one.

Honestly getting exactly a one is kind of impressive, and we bet he couldn’t do it again if he tried. That being said, he most definitely was not trying, and no doubt has to hear about this punch every single day. Let this man serve as a reminder to keep your ego in check, and play to your strengths. There’s no harm in being a lover and not a fighter.

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