He helped his friend by giving the last money, not imagining how he would repay him for it years later


A person who does a good deed from the bottom of his heart never thinks about the fact that he can get some “bonuses” from life for him. But fate usually does not forget people with a kind heart. Two friends, Antonio and Carlos from Badajoz have been friends since early childhood. Their families lived in a poor neighborhood. Antonio’s mother died when he was about five years old. My father began to drink even more. But the boy had no one and he survived as best he could.

The neighbors pitied him and gave him food, sometimes invited him to eat. Carlos was a little more lucky – he had a father and mother. My father, however, was also a heavy drinker. But mom tried in every way to bring up the best qualities in the boy. Her husband brought very little money, but even if there was nothing to eat, she tried to give the boy the last. When the boys grew up a little, both got into a free school for the poor, which was organized by the provincial authorities. 

No tuition was required. In elementary school, they also provided uniforms. But since the new school year, they said that the form will need to be bought independently. After learning about it. Carlos’s father made a whole scandal. He said that his son would not need to study at all in life, but now he would have to spend extra big money on him. His wife calmed him down with difficulty, saying that the boy would go to work all summer and buy a uniform with the money he earned.

Antonio had nothing to count on at all. That’s why he was going to work, too. The local owner of a private bakery contracted them for mere pennies to sell their tortillas “in the dressing room.” Every morning he loaded their trays with bread and the boys offered fresh tortillas on the streets. Many people were happy to take cheap fresh bread from children, and the trade was progressing well. One hot day they sat down on a bench in the shade. Almost all of the tortillas were sold. 

Antonio was glad that there was already quite a bit missing for a new uniform. Carlos was despondent. Yesterday my father had a payday, but instead of buying provisions, he drank all the money in a bar with friends. Mom was sitting very hungry. And the boy decided that he would buy food himself and bring it to his mother. Now there is almost nothing left of his savings. Carlos told Antonio that he was unlikely to be taken to school now. The friend sympathized with him, but did not say anything.

The next day, Antonio brought and handed a package to a friend. – What’s there? Carlos asked curiously. “It’s for you,” Antonio replied. Carlos looked inside and was delighted to see the branded school uniform. He saw such beautiful products only on the “richest” high school students! – Antonio, but it’s very expensive! Why did you bring this to me? – You are my only friend and that means I can give you anything I want! I know that you dream of becoming a doctor, but you definitely need to study for this! What about you, did you also buy a uniform? Carlos asked. 

“I do not know who I want to be, and therefore I think that you need it more.” The friends hugged and Carlos ran home in delight to show his friend’s gift to his mother. But there was a terrible “surprise” waiting for him. The father came drunk again, and then his son’s notebooks and textbooks caught his eye. The man again thought furiously that he could not spend extra money on this puppy. He scooped up all the school supplies and dragged them into the yard.

There, in a campfire, my wife burned yard garbage. – That’s great, this is the place for all these notebooks and textbooks. There’s nothing to teach a guy to any nonsense. Let him work all year. With these words, the drunkard threw everything he found at his son into the fire. The woman was trying to pull something out. But the drunk husband just threw her aside. Carlos saw this and tried to protect his mother, but the angry man threw his son away like a kitten. 

He wanted to beat him with a belt, which he removed from his belt, but the woman who woke up covered her son with herself. – Well, – the husband grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the house, – then you will answer for your son’s tricks. After that, Carlos heard only the whistle of the belt and the crying of his mother behind the closed door. When the drunk fell asleep, they packed up their things and left the house. There was nowhere to run especially. But the mother hoped that she would be allowed to live with her son in the back room of the store where she worked as a cleaner.

The hostess was not too pleased, but allowed them to live for a month on the condition that they would then rent a room somewhere. The next day Antonio and Carlos met again. Antonio noticed that his friend was very sad. Carlos admitted that it is unlikely that he will ever go to school again. He said that his father burned all his textbooks and notebooks. Besides, now I had to run away from home. Antonio listened with great sympathy. Then he suddenly reached into his pocket and took out a large banknote. 

Carlos’s eyes widened. Antonio handed the money to his friend. – Take it, I think you need them more. – Where did you get such a sum? – I’ve been saving for several years. And yesterday a letter came. It’s good that his father didn’t have time to see and tear it up. My mom’s sister wrote to me. She said she would help me if I came to her. I looked up the address. It’s only 25 km away. And in the summer I will walk them. So the money will not be needed at all. And you, friend, be sure to study. And you will reach your dream.

Maybe you can cure ordinary people someday for free. People like you and me. And you will help your mother. She’s very kind to you. I wish I had a mom. And tomorrow I’ll write my father a note and go to my aunt. Carlos was infinitely grateful to his friend and understood that now he was alone. But he will definitely study! She will help her mother and herself. He never saw Antonio again. With this money, they were able to rent a corner with their mother from an old lady, whom they began to help with the housework. 

The boy was bought school supplies and from the new school year he began to study especially diligently. In difficult moments, Antonio’s face often appeared in front of him, and he remembered his words: “Be sure to go to your dream!”. Many years have passed. A man suddenly burst into a presentable, luxurious hospital in a large city with a boy in his arms. There weren’t many patients here, but the best specialists worked. It’s just that not every resident of the city could afford to be treated in a center known far beyond the borders of the country.

The man who had his son dying in his arms didn’t know all this. He was hit by a car and the hospital just happened to be the nearest medical facility. The nurses put the boy on a gurney and immediately took him somewhere deeper. The father tried to run after him, but he was stopped. – Don’t worry, everything will be fine. You were able to deliver the boy quickly. He’s going to have surgery now. After 8 hours, a nurse approached the man sitting at the entrance. Seeing the fear in his eyes, she assured him that everything went well. 

After that, she handed the man the bill and said that it had to be paid by tomorrow. Otherwise, the boy will not be able to be kept in the hospital. Seeing the numbers, the unhappy father was horrified. But he said he would try to find the money. After that, he went to the exit in frustration. If he had been a little more attentive, he would certainly have noticed the doctor walking down the corridor.

He turned around, looked at the back of the departing man and his eyes flashed. – Gloria, how is our boy today? – Everything is fine, Mr. Doctor. “Did his father come out?” – yes. It looks like the bill will be too big for him. – Give me the payment documents, Gloria. People need to try to help. It is especially sinful not to do this if you know a person since childhood. After a while, the doctor returned to the nurse. 

He handed her a paid bill and a folded note. – Please tell this client tomorrow. “Very well, Doctor. The next morning Antonio was in the hospital. He and his wife and aunt managed to collect some of the money. Friends borrowed a little. But it hardly gained a quarter of the amount. He thought with horror that his boy might be put out sick today. The man with a sinking heart approached another nurse and gave his last name.

She politely smiled back and said that their account had already been paid off. Then she added: “They asked me to give you a note.” In a state of shock, Antonio mechanically took the paper and unfolded it. It read: “The bill was paid many years ago – a beautiful new school uniform and the last money. Sincerely, your old friend Carlos.” “So he realized his dream,” Antonio was filled with joy. 

There was a postscript below: “If you stay with your son until the evening, we can drink coffee after work and remember childhood dreams that come true.” Antonio smiled and thought that they would definitely meet. He did not even imagine that his friend would repay him after many years by saving his son. In fact, people who go to their goal despite all obstacles make those around them happy.

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