Home Free & Texas Hill wow with “Go Tell It on the Mountain”


For people who celebrate the winter holidays, one of the best ways to get into the wintery spirit is by listening to music. For Christians getting ready for Christmas, one of the go-to classics is “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”

Home Free & Texas Hill

But this earworm rendition of this much-loved Christian tune is more than a source of nostalgia. It is a masterpiece thanks to the team of talented musicians who performed it.

In this video, the musical groups, Home Free and Texas Hill, came together to sing their hearts out. And the result is a song that will have even secular listeners tapping their feet.

Home Free & Texas Hill

Home Free is unique for being one of few American country music acapella groups. The five singers of the group are Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust and Adam Chance.

Texas Hill brought together the voices of Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield and Casey James. Fans of “Go Tell It on the Mountain” could not have asked for a better group of men to sing this anthem.

Home Free & Texas Hill

With their soulful country voices, non-nonsense attitudes, driving rhythm and deep bluesy tones, this fine group of gentlemen sang a song that reached into the belly of the American spirit.

When this song is coupled with the striking images of sweeping hills and dry grass, it transcends a gospel song and becomes more universal. Whether you are a fan of the country genre or not, you should give this song a listen.

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