How does a grandmother who hasn’t shaved her head in 64 years look today?


It’s impossible! This is absurd!

Vietnam Nguyen Thi Di Dinh’s sweet grandmother is already 83 years of age. She hasn’t cut her hair in 64 years. They grew into a massive spit that measured 6 meters in length.

One woman claims that she went to the hairdresser for the first time when she was just 19 years old. After the haircut, she began to experience severe headaches. The young girl was not understood by doctors and the treatment failed to help.

The pain stopped abruptly when the hair grew back. Thi Dinh decided to not cut her hair since then. She tried to look after her hair at first but then her head started to hurt from water contact, making it impossible to wash her hair.

The woman regrew the strands and made a type of dreadlock braid with which she walks until this day.

Thi Dinh resides in a temple in his hometown. This place is popular with tourists because of its 6-meter long spit. It is impossible to untangle the hairs of women, whose real length is 6 meters.

Thi Dinh’s hair has been gray for a long time, but her oldest part of her braid is still dark. She enjoys looking at her braid and says it reminds of her carefree youth.

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