How was the fate of 5-year-old Vanya, who independently got from Kyiv to the border with Poland


The video, in which a 5-year-old crying boy walks independently among many strangers, has circled the whole world

This hero’s name is Vanya, he had to evacuate alone from Ukraine to Poland, since his mother and grandmother went abroad earlier, and he was with his father. During the hostilities, the baby lost contact with his father, but volunteers and caring people did not leave the boy.

For two days on the road, people passed Vanya from hand to hand until he reached Poland. Volunteer Iryna was in touch with the young Ukrainian fellow travelers all the way. She met him at night at the border and handed him over to the family.

“After three days we have a happy end,” the volunteers rejoice.Today, the little Ukrainian who touched the hearts of millions of Internet users is completely safe with his family!

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