“I weighed 293kg at 10!”: What was the fate of Arya Permano?


Since childhood, Arya Permano was a passionate eater. His weight grew rapidly because his parents didn’t follow the boy’s diet. It was no surprise that the child ate a very high-calorie, fatty diet.

Mom and Dad rang the alarm after Arya was unable to move due to excess weight. They decided that it was time for their son to see specialists.

The child was immediately advised by doctors to eat a strictly restricted diet. Everyone was stunned when Arya stood up on the scales at age 10: His weight reached 192 kg!

This physique caused the boy physical and moral discomfort. His peers started to mock him. The boy decided that he needed to lose weight.

The child also dreamed of being a professional footballer and needed to be in good shape.

The diet didn’t work and the doctors decided to remove Arya’s stomach. The weight began to shift after the surgery.

Later on, sports were added to the diet. The boy is now more mobile and happier. In 3 years, the child lost more than 100 kg.

Arya looks great and is no different to her peers. A most important thing is that he has no health issues anymore and can continue to do what he loves, which is play football.

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