In the middle of the night the phone rang, and the stranger began to demand Andrey, I had to answer her that he was still sleeping


I was awakened by a very early phone call. While fumbling for the phone, it fell off the bedside table. They stopped calling and I fell asleep.

Later the phone rang again. I had to find a phone and pick up the phone. It was dark outside, and it was about four in the morning on the clock.

Despite the fact that our conversation was over, I could not fall asleep.

What is this woman? Why did she decide that I have her Andrei? I have been living alone for a long time. I am 56 years old, I work as a hairdresser.

In the evening, I set my alarm for exactly four o’clock. I woke up and started calling yesterday’s number. I had to wait quite a long time to pick up the phone.

  • Hello. said a sleepy female voice.
  • Hello. I need Andrew! — I said and rejoiced at my antics.
  • Which Andrew? Did you see what time it is? – the woman was indignant.
  • Of course I saw it. I set the alarm clock on purpose so as not to oversleep.
  • Are you crazy? the woman on the phone got angry.

So you called me yesterday at the same time! Unpleasant? Then next time, look at your watch before you call someone!

A few days passed, and the bell rang again! Now it was six in the morning.

  • Hello. Do you need Andrew?
  • Yes. I need to tell him something.
  • Will not work.
  • Why?

He doesn’t want to talk to you.

I got tired of all this, and I said:

  • There is no Andrew here! I decided to teach you a lesson so that neither relatives nor strangers would call in the middle of the night.
  • Where is he now?
  • I have no idea. Never saw him. Don’t call me again and I won’t disturb you.

Then I told my daughter about these calls. She blacklisted that number.

A few months later, a man came to me for a haircut. As a rule, I accept only by appointment, but here I just had half an hour free.

I found out that he was a visitor, he came to work for a couple of months. I learned about our barbershop from a passer-by. He is 57 years old and his name is … Andrei. He’s rented an apartment by a company right across from the barbershop where I work.

He talked a lot about himself, and then invited me to go to dinner with him. Of course, he looks attractive: well-groomed, slender, dressed with taste, speaks competently. But I didn’t go on a date with him: I promised to sit with my grandchildren.

Andrei came the next day and offered to take a walk in the park. I replied that I did not want to mess with a married man. And he said that he had been a widow for five years.

I believed him and decided to take a walk after work. We talked for several months, and then Andrei invited me to move in with him. But I have long wanted to move, even put my apartment up for sale a year ago.

Now there is no end to buyers, every day someone comes to look. I think that I will leave the sale of the apartment to my daughter, and I myself will go to Andrey, I will live and see how we get along. But I will definitely sell the apartment. I will start working in a new place. I’m not used to living at someone else’s expense.

It turns out that at fifty you can completely change your life. Find a loved one, move and start working again. It’s so nice to feel young and full of energy. It’s never too late to enjoy life, even if you already have grandchildren! Do not be afraid of change and new people. You need to dream and go to new goals.

I’m glad I decided to change my life!

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