Introducing Jonathan, the world’s oldest animal on land at 187 years old


Jonathan the tortoise is due to turn 187 years old in 2019. That makes him the oldest-known land animal alive today.

Now he lives in the Saint Helena island.

An interesting fact is that from the photos of this animal you can find photos of antiquity centuries ago. The first photo was taken in 1886, and it is incredible that after so many years the appearance of the animal has not really changed. Unfortunately Jonathan is already mature, and his eyesight and hearing are getting worse every day.

Veterinarians are already seeing some signs of aging, but the turtle is quite active and full of life. Fortunately, he has no serious health problems, and veterinarians are doing everything to keep the turtle healthy. Here is a photo of him taken more than 100 years ago, let’s compare it with a photo taken a few days ago.

You can see the old turtle in this video !

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