It is difficult to meet a small miracle with such a face in another place. We present to you the photos of the baby


What is smile? Why do we smile? Does everyone smile? Those are all questions that can be answered from different angels .

Smile is a friendly or happy expression on the face. You will probably have met such people who have a sad or angry face and no matter what you do they still won’t smile.

Most of us smile if we like something, or we feel happy or satisfied. There are people who can smile even if being sad.

And there are also people for whom smiling becomes character.

Not smiling is not a natural phenomenon, maybe they are not able to do it. We should mention that smiles are not the same.

Smile differs according to gender, and age. Generally, women smile more than men. And compared with adults , children smile more.

Children are extremely sensitive and their smiling every time depends on the right attitude of the other person.

If they do not like something they will never smile but adults can even smile out of politeness.

Nowadays, it is very popular to take a picture and post it on social networks. Many of us definitely need a smile before taking pictures.

Because a smile is the key to getting a beautiful picture. In any case, it is easy to draw a smile on the face of adults,

but in the case of children, it is very difficult to convince them to smile if they don’t want to, because as mentioned,

they are more sincere, sensitive creatures and it is almost impossible to make them smile without a reason.

Here we present to your attention a newborn baby who has a very angry face. Even when he likes something, he doesn’t smile.

He is real newborn baby girl. Her name is Luna. She managed to capture many hearts with her angry face.

Her photographer is Tukhi . He is very good at taking photos. He is specialist of child photography and wedding pictured.

Everything was planned. Luna was slept. Can you imagine the most moment the little baby girl woke up and stared at the photographer with an angry look.

What could the poor photographer do? The little girl examined what the photographer was doing with great interest.

The only thing that he could do is to take a picture, despite her angry face.

This picture managed to gain great recognition on social networks. You can search and find this girl’s pictures and have fun.

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