“It’s better to file for divorce while she hasn’t given birth to children yet,” the mother said to her son


It so happened that I spent all my childhood in the village and I wanted to move to the capital, because there are much more opportunities in big cities, and in this village we all go to the same school, where a little more than sixty people study.

If I had been offered to leave everything and move to Moscow as a child, then I would have immediately agreed without hesitation, as I do now. I already imagined how I would have rich girlfriends and a lot of money at the age of twenty. We would go to different bars with them, and not like now — I’m sitting in the garden and digging potatoes. Mom believed that life in the village is much better than the city. As a result, after graduation, I set myself a goal — to succeed in a big city.

Immediately, as soon as I moved, it was very difficult, because I always had to pay for something, and if my relatives found out how much I pay for a hostel, they would probably faint from such prices. I did not want to pay at all for an almost collapsed apartment, and even located far from the center of Moscow. I took a desperate step and started dating a rich man, because I had to pay half the rent with someone, and with a guy it’s much more convenient.

Do not think that I started dating him only because of the money. In fact, I loved him very much and could not imagine life without him. And once it happened that my boyfriend Nikita started having problems with his business, so there was a sharp shortage of money. As a result, due to certain circumstances, we soon had to sign, and after a couple of weeks we generally moved to his hometown, which was not far from Moscow. Nikita told me that at least we would have our own housing, since his mother and father live in that city. At that moment I believed that we were going to that city for only a year and a half, and then again to Moscow.

I began to live in my husband’s three-room apartment, but the only problem there was my husband’s mother, who at first seemed to me a rather sweet and kind woman. But she behaved like this for only two weeks, and then she showed her true face. I wanted to do everything so that my mother-in-law thought well of me and wished a long life with Nikita. For a couple of months, I generally thought that we would leave soon and that we would not have to live with this mother-in-law for a long time. As a result, my husband did not work out with work in the capital, and he told me with a sad face that, most likely, we would be here for a long time and would have to work here.

I came to terms with this only after a couple of weeks, but I was going to go on maternity leave with the knowledge that we would soon move to Moscow. As it turned out, now I have to work here. Nikita had no luck with work at all this year, so we saved money as much as possible and saved on everything we could.

A couple of times he was deceived and not paid for the work, but he found a more or less good place and suddenly this company just closed after five months, although the husband believed that this was the best job in his entire life, because he worked only six hours , and received a hundred thousand rubles a month. I no longer knew what to do, because we could not find a better job.

I also had to start working myself so that we would not starve and live more or less normally, but I was very tired because of work, because in Moscow I received much more money and the rates there were appropriate. A little later, having saved up some money, we made repairs to the mother-in-law in the house, because it was a token of gratitude for the fact that we live with her.

The husband said that, in theory, this apartment of his and his mother would rewrite it for Nikita. Then it turned out that my wife’s mother was going to the country for three whole months, and I can’t even describe how glad I was that day that she was leaving.

But I didn’t rejoice for long, because she showed up a month earlier, at the end of July, and said that I wasn’t a hostess at all and you couldn’t even leave an apartment for me, because I wouldn’t clean at all. This made me angry and I answered her that it would be better if she made these remarks to Nikita, who has been going to interviews for six months and still does not work, and you need to thank me, because I support everyone, but I don’t show anything to anyone, like a mother spouse.

After that day, we stopped talking at all, and I didn’t adjust to her, because I was already tired of her. I thought that the mother-in-law would at least say something to her son, because he is simply obliged to help around the house, but she kept silent and began to slander me that I was allegedly cheating on him and while my husband was not at home, I bring different men here. One day, when I woke up in the morning, I heard my mother-in-law asking Nikita to divorce me before I got pregnant. I was so angry that I just wanted to move somewhere, but I was stopped by the fact that I would not be able to support myself, and there would be enough for housing only in a hostel.

From that moment on, a black streak began in my life, so quarrels do not stop at all, I don’t even know when it will end.

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