Jennifer Lopez Finally Opened up about Her Split from Ben Affleck 20 Years Ago


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up in 2004, but the singer speaks only recently opened up about that period.
Despite what happened then, Lopez says that “true love exists.”

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez broke up with the love of her life in 2004. Now she’s opening up about how she dealt with things after her marriage to Ben Affleck was canceled and the album she made in 2002.

The “Marry Me” actress mentioned that her previous album, “This Is Me … Then,” was inspired by Ben Affleck, which made it so much more painful after they split up. After they went their separate ways, the singer said she was hurled entirely off-course.

The “Jenny From The Block” singer opened up about her feelings at the time. She mentioned that her album captured her and Ben at a specific time in their history. She said the album documented one of the most painful times in her life:

“It was so painful after we broke up. Once we called off that wedding 20 years ago, it was the biggest heartbreak of my life. I honestly felt like I was going to die.”

After they split up, the album became something that reminded Lopez of the pain, and she said she can’t even perform the album. Now, 20 years later, Lopez is releasing a new album titled “This Is Me … Now,” meant to look back at her previous record.

Like the last album, the new one is also inspired by the love of her life, but it has a happier ending than the previous time. Affleck and Lopex recently announced that they’re giving their relationship one more try, and her album reflects it.

So What Really Happened?
A little while after they announced their engagement, Affleck and Lopez were caught in a media scandal. There was an endless slew of rumors being passed around, and the tabloids were having a field day.

It all revolved around Affleck and stories about a night that was sensationalized by the media. It started when Affleck went out with some friends. The group ended up at Brandi’s Exotic Nightclub, and one dancer went to the papers.
This time around, the couple isn’t letting anything stand in their way.

The tabloid that originally published the story alleged that Affleck cheated on his soon-to-be wife that night, and other tabloids ran with the story. A media frenzy started around the couple, and it just worsened. Affleck said:

“You know, there’s always a story of the month, and me dating Jennifer Lopez happened to be that tabloid story at the time when that business grew exponentially.”

Every news outlet latched onto their story, and they couldn’t get any privacy. What’s more, their wedding was coming up, and every tabloid wanted to know if they were going through with it. Eventually, the stress became too much.

Affleck and Lopez called it quits before their wedding. They went their separate ways, but they both still loved each other. Lopez said it had adverse effects on her, and she couldn’t get over it for a long time.

“True Love Exists”
Two decades after they initially separated, Affleck and Lopez decided to try it again. They started talking and spending time together, and things seemed as comfortable as they first felt, so they decided to give their relationship another chance.

Along with their second shot at finding love, Lopez also released the follow-up to her previous album and titled it “This Is Me … Now.” It seems the couple has chosen the perfect time to try again, and Lopez had inspiring words for her fans:

“What I think the message of the album is, very much, ‘If you were wondering, if you have, like me at times, lost hope, almost given up, don’t. Because true love does exist.”

Lopez also commented that she believes the media circus influenced the outcome of things previously and cost them their relationship. This time around, the couple isn’t letting anything stand in their way. She’s just happy to try again:

“It sent me on a spiral for the next 18 years where I just couldn’t get it right. But now, 20 years later, it does have a happy ending. It has the most would-never-happen-in-Hollywood ending.”

The couple got married this year, and Lopez’s new album was released a while after the ceremony. The singer mentioned that the album focuses on her and Affleck’s growth over the years, and she dedicated it to her new husband.

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