Kelly Clarkson stirs souls performing ballad cover of ‘Dancing Queen’


She took ABBA’s hit song “Dancing Queen” to a whole different level.

Watch the video below to see Kelly’s haunting performance of “Dancing Queen!”

am of the belief that every talk show should have a karaoke segment.

Thankfully, Kelly Clarkson’s NBC talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” has a karaoke segment.
It’s called Kellyoke! Which only makes sense because Clarkson is a three-time Grammy winner after all.\

One of Clarkson’s latest karaoke renditions was a version of one of ABBA’s signature songs.

But this is a version of “Dancing Queen” that you’ve never heard.

The Europop song was released as a single ahead of ABBA’s fourth studio album Arrival.

it became ABBA’s only number one hit in the U.S. ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson wrote the song, which is said to be the “world’s Europop disco hit.”

“ABBA recorded this about a year before it was released. It was written and recorded around the same time as ‘Fernando,’ which was chosen as the single. They knew ‘Dancing Queen’ would also be a hit, so they held it until the album was released before issuing it as a single,” writes SongFacts.

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth puts on her dancing shoes when the song comes on.

“I always try to dance when this song comes on because I am the Queen and I like to dance,” she is reported to have said.

Chris Stein of Blondie says his band’s 1979 hit “Dreaming” is “pretty much a cop” of “Dancing Queen.”

Clarkson’s version of the song isn’t as “fun” as the original.

But if you’re going to redo a great song you either have to do it better or different.

So, Clarkson did her version differently. Instead, of being an upbeat dance anthem Clarkson decides to sing it in a rather solemn fashion.Watch the video below to see Kelly’s haunting performance of “Dancing Queen!”

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