King Charles and Camilla pelted with eggs on royal visit to York


A man has been detained by police after appearing to throw eggs at the King and Queen Consort during a walkabout in York.

Officers at Micklegate Bar raced to the scene after eggs were launched through the air while Charles and Camilla spoke to the crowds that had gathered to see them.

They were then seen restraining a suspect, pulling him down to the ground from behind temporary fencing that had been set up in the city for the King’s visit today (9 November).

King Charles and Camilla were being welcomed to the city by local leaders when a protester chucked several eggs in their direction, all of which missed, smashing on the ground beside them.

The pair were then ushered away by security and local delegates.

The man was heard shouting ‘this country was built on the blood of slaves’ as he was grabbed by police and detained following the incident.

Other people in the crowd started chanting ‘God save the King’ and ‘shame on you’ at the suspect.

He was later pictured being carried away by police before being bundled into the back of a van.

The eggs missed their targets. Credit: PA

Charles and Camilla were in York to attend the unveiling of a statue of Queen Elizabeth II, the first to be installed since her death.

Earlier this year, a protester was arrested after shouting abuse at Prince Andrew during the procession of the Queen’s coffin through Scotland following her death.

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