Listen, just to know what happened. once I accidentally overheard my daughter-in-law’s phone conversation with her friend and I did it on the spot


I listened to my daughter-in-law’s conversation and learned all her secrets. I am already 60 years old and I live alone. My son married the wrong girl a few years ago. They now have two children. They lived in a rented apartment. I recently found out that Masha is pregnant and expecting her third child.

As a mother, seeing my son’s behavior, I offered them to move to my apartment. My daughter-in-law did not want to live with me, but she herself realized that it was the best option for their large family. It was difficult for me to communicate with her, I somehow endured her poisonous views, for the sake of my son, I was ready to practice that. to the unbearable girl.

Once my girlfriends came to me. I remembered that we ran out of sugar at home and wanted to call Masha so that she would go to the store on the way home (she was at the gym). I called her number and suddenly a dog barked from under the sofa cushion. Lifting the pillow, I found the phone. The call coming from me was called «There is a witch. Don’t pick up the phone,» a dog barked at my call. My friends looked at me and there was sympathy in their eyes.

In the evening I went out for sugar myself. She was sitting on the couch painting her nails. Already near the front door, I heard him talking loudly on the phone right in the hallway. — Lena, just know what happened, this witch called me, but I left the phone at home and he found out everything.

That’s why the priest was sitting so quietly today. But it’s okay, she loves her son and will keep quiet this time. But I wasn’t going to keep quiet anymore, I kicked him out, and in the evening I told my son everything. Now I live alone and although sometimes I feel lonely, but no one realizes me.

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