Living in the cave for many years, the couple created all the facilities for themselves. They refused to move to the city and live…


It is not important where you live, how much money  you  have , how expensive is your car or dress. The most important and valuable feeling in life is to be happy, to be loved, to be appreciated. But who know what   can  make    a person happy ?  Of  course   everyone has his own point of view about happiness. Most of us think that happiness is having   precious jewelry, expensive car and apartment, eye_ popping dress. They think that they can  buy  everything  with  money.

There are also people for whom wealth has not any value. They associate happiness with spiritual tranquility, with being compassionate and caring towards people, with being surrounded by love and affection.

People can be happy without having an apartment, car and other expensive things. Here is a Chinese couple who lived in a cave for years, having neither wealth nor a  luxurious  house, they lived extremely happily and harmoniously.

They have been married for more than 60 years. After getting married, not having any facilities for living, not even an apartment, they decided to live in a cave. In the cave, they had less comfortable conditions. There was a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. Everything was very neat and clean in this modest accommodation. If they needed to buy something, they went to the neighboring village. Their only food was vegetables and fruit. Here they also raised their children, but as soon as they became adults, they left the cave, leaving their parents alone. They were young and they did not like the life cut off from the world and people, so they decided to live in the city.

The authorities  suggested an apartment as soon as  found the couple living in the cave.    But the couple rejected and said that they could not live in the city. They used to live in silence, in solitude.

This couple is one of many examples who prefer a quiet, modest life   despite poor living    conditions .  Being happy  is the most important feeling in life.

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