Maid of Honor can’t hold it together toasting her big sister


Wedding speeches are notoriously difficult to deliver. The emotion of the event, along with the typical terror of public speaking, creates many memories for everyone involved. The Maid of Honor has to toast the bride and groom with poise and grace.

A viral internet wedding toast video has everyone crying. Little sister Kylie toasts her big sister and bride, Chelsea. The regards posted on the video read, ‘My sister left us all in tears, and it was a beautiful time. Thanks, Sissy, for making it memorable and so kind- Chelsea and Nick.’

Kylie is handed the microphone by the DJ, who quips, ‘If you start crying, I can translate if need be.’ Kylie begins by welcoming Nick to the family, and she goes on to talk about her childhood memories of Chelsea.

The sisters did everything together when they were little. They both got lice simultaneously and had to put mayonnaise in their hair. Chelsea was often found cutting off Barbie’s hair which may have foreshadowed her career. Chelsea has 1.5 million subscribers with a channel about hair and makeup.

Kylie talks about a trip the two recently took, and people would come up to them and say, ‘Chelsea, you are my role model. You influenced my life so much!’ Kylie says, ‘It made me so proud to call you my sister because you have such an impact on people’s lives.’ Last year, Chelsea moved to Georgia, and the rest of Kylie’s family also moved away. Kylie said, ‘When she moved, it made me realize how much of an impact she had on my life.’ Kylie starts crying and jokingly calls to the DJ, ‘You need to translate here!’

Chelsea gets up and hugs her little sister, saying, ‘You got this.’ The crowd cheers her on. Kylie continues, ‘This past year has been really difficult for me, getting used to my new life without my family by my side. Chelsea was here. Thank you so much for being the best sister I could ever ask for.’ The two sisters embrace again, and the crowd cheers for them.

The Dj comes to get the mic, but Kylie says she isn’t done! She says, ‘Nick, you have one hell of a wife!’ She talks about how Chelsea was so giddy talking about him when they were courting. She closes with, ‘You’re going to make a great husband and someday father! Cheers to Chelsea and Nick!’

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