Man Rushes Floor During Middle Of Girl’s Dance Team Performance


All you single guys out there reading this, pay attention.His name is Shant, and he is the I.T. man for Buena Park High School. It’s just like any other school event in the gym.Two dancers from the school’s dance team take the court at halftime during a basketball game.They begin dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”.

The number of dancers increase more and more as girls join in filling up the court for a full on dance number.A separate camera stays on Shant and his girlfriend Lina, the two watching the dance from courtside seats.There’s a reason Shant chose to sit there, as you’ll soon see.

Lina is enjoying the dance but when Shant suddenly gets up and runs out to dance with the team, her initial shock and reaction has the crowd cheering along as well.

Apparently, he organized a flash mob with the Buena Park Dance team so he could propose to Lina.
No wonder they were playing “Marry You”!

Lina is a smart lady and she knew what was happening.

Still, her adorable reaction while Shant and the team were dancing had everyone clapping.
She starts leaping so high with her legs kicking up in joy. Lina obviously wants to marry Shant, and this flash mob dance proposal was just the perfect time to make it official.

Shant keeps on dancing, giving the crowd a show they would never forget.

And once he was ready, he got hold of a microphone, pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee!

Just one more big surprise for his soon to be wife.

The dance team unravels a massive colorful banner that says, “Lina, Will You Marry Me?”
Lina begins jumping one again, which was another way of her saying “yes” before diving into Shant’s arms.

It’s such an amazing, creative way of proposing that the video went viral.

Shant is a sweet guy!

As of posting, the video has 19,400,747 views.
And as expected, the viewers loved it.

“This is the most adorable flashmob marriage proposal I’ve ever seen. Her reaction to the guy’s dancing is so adorable.” says one.

Another commented, “This was the BEST flash proposal I’ve seen. I smiled throughout, and I’m smiling still. I hope y’all are still going strong.”

Shant didn’t go for the whole romantic restaurant gig or go on vacation and propose at a nice spot.

They’re all great ideas but let’s be honest, pretty predictable now.

A flash mob dance with a song that sends a clear message just works!

They really are made for each other and everyone knew it.

191k likes and still growing!

It’s one proposal video you will surely love.

Sorry guys, but you’ll have to rise to the challenge. If you’re not yet married that is.

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