Mom decided not to cut her baby’s hair and already at the age of 8 he became famous thanks to his hairstyle.


This 8-year-old boy already has a huge army of fans. And all thanks to his hairstyle.

Farook hails from Britain and by the age of 2 he already had gorgeous hair. Mom decided to take her son to the barber shop, but one incident completely changed their lives.

“One day Faruk and I went to the grocery store. While I was paying at the checkout, a woman took a picture of my child and posted the picture online. Of course, I wasn’t thrilled. But after I read the comments under the post, I was perplexed. People admired Farook’s hair. They wrote that they also want such curls,” says Bonnie.

On the same day, she created an Instagram account for her son and began posting all the photos she had on her phone. During the first month, almost 5 thousand people subscribed to his account.

When Farook turned 5, he was invited to a fashion show in New York for the first time. The fashion agency paid for everything: flight, hotel, food, shopping, and also gave Farook and mom bags from the latest Louis Vuitton collection.

At the moment, the boy is already acting as a model for well-known brands, as well as acting in shampoo commercials.

Mom takes care of her son’s hair herself, tries in every possible way to keep them healthy and well-groomed, although she admits that it is not easy, because the hair is very curly.

The length is already more than 60 centimeters, but they are not going to cut them yet.

Now several hundred thousand subscribers have subscribed to Farook’s account, who love him and always leave only good comments.

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