«More zombies than Jolie»: What does a girl who has had 50 operations look like now for the sake of resemblance to Angelina Jolie


We all know that many of us have our idols, but in reality not all of us want to, and most importantly, not going to be an exact copy of the star. But there are still people like nineteen-year-old Iranian blogger Sahar Tabar.

The girl became famous in 2018, when her photos were widely spread on the Internet. People were just shocked at the diffrent and unusual blood of Sugar. The fact is that for many years he was a loyal fan of actress Angelina Jolie, and to look like his idol, he underwent about fifty plastic surgeries.

Sugar opened an account on Instagram and started posting personal photos taken after the operation. The girl expected the public to respond positively to her photos and compare her with Angelina, but in reality it did not work out.

Every published photo of the girl became a subject of ridicule. Thousands of commentators considered it their duty to express their negative attitude towards the appearance of Spar. When the girl was still explaining why she really changed so much, many said that she looked more like a zombie than a popular actress.

Shepar later had to delete her Instagram, apparently unable to resist the flow of bad attitudes and opinions towards her. You have reached the peak of your daily translation. Please come back tomorrow by all means.

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