Musician’s 7-year-old daughter plays her dad’s favorite song


Whether you are nine months old or 92, music is an art form that humans seem to gravitate to naturally. Musician Paul Barton decided to test that theory with his daughter, Emilie.

In fact, Paul went a step further than introducing his daughter to music. He decided to teach little Emilie one of his favorite songs, “Moon River,” when she was just a baby.

If you have not spent a lot of time around little ones teaching a baby piano might sound farfetched. But as teachers and parents know, children are like sponges for new information.

This was not the first time Paul took an out-of-the-box approach to his music. In the past, he played piano for monkeys and elephants in Thailand. But this time was personal.

Fortunately, baby Emilie immediately took to the piano. Her dad sat her in his lap, and her eyes widened with amazement. As the first few notes of Moon River filled the air, she reached out toward the keys to join her dad.

The video then skipped forward a few years. While Emilie’s hands were not on the keys themselves, it was clear she had an intuitive sense of the music. Her arms moved in time with the song.

But nature and nurture came together when Emilie was seven years old and sat down to play the song herself. Watch this little one’s inspiring transformation into a young musician.

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