Native American brothers performing ‘Hallelujah’ is just what you need


‘Inka Gold’ is some of the most relaxing and enjoyable music you could ever hear. Featuring the laid-back sound of the classical guitar and the pan flute, Oscar and Santiago Morales Vega deliver a song for peace and calm.

With a lofty desert foundation, the two unimaginable performers play an instrumental variant of the renowned Leonard Cohen song ‘Glory be.’ Oscar and Santiago are wearing cowhide coats with fights for style.

Oscar is playing the acoustic, traditional guitar with a finger-picking style. Santiago participates after the introduction playing the container woodwind. In the second refrain, Santiago plays an octave higher, and the song takes off.

In the song, Oscar plays a beautiful guitar solo. His years of playing experience give a classy performance break to the tune. This is an extraordinary game plan of the song since it includes a skillet woodwind as well.

Cohen’s ‘Thank heaven’ has been covered by the absolute most popular artists and singers on the planet. Bounce Dylan, Willie Nelson, Pentatonix, and Justin Timberlake all played out their own variant of the song.

The actual song was composed by Canadian vocalist Leonard Cohen, initially delivered on his collection’ Various Positions’ in 1984. It made little progress until it was recorded by John Cale and later by Jeff Buckley.

It was highlighted in the hit energized film ‘Shrek,’ and since then, potentially 300 different plans have been made. This is a phenomenal instrumental two part harmony that sets a quieting state of mind. The siblings display melodic greatness in their performance that equals some other front of ‘Thank heaven.’

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