Newlyweds die 90 minutes after their wedding…


Today I will tell a very sad story, perhaps it is one of the most tragic of those that we have told. But it broadcasts very important things. See to the end. A wedding is an event, the preparation for which falls on the shoulders of not only the bride and groom, but also the whole family.

These are happy and joyful days when the main desire is that everything goes as planned, and everyone can keep wonderful memories of this event. But sometimes life throws up bad cards and completely cancels everything planned. That’s exactly what happened to newlyweds Will Byler and Bailey Ackerman.

This happened in 2018. The wedding took place on a family farm located 200 kilometers west of San Antonio. A charming bride, happy guests and a happy groom, it seemed that the happiness of this family would be long, but fate decreed otherwise.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds, to the applause of the guests, climbed into the helicopter to take a romantic walk in the air. But the unexpected happened and the newlyweds’ lives were cut short at one moment. They died when the helicopter in which they were traveling crashed into a mountain 25 kilometers northwest of the city of Juvalde, it happened just one and a half hours after their wedding.

According to press reports, the newlyweds themselves and pilot Gerald Green Lawrence were killed in the crash. The young people studied at the University of Houston. Will studied Agricultural Engineering, and Bailey studied public relations. The news of the death of young people plunged all residents of the city into shock.

The news of the death of the first was published by the student newspaper of the university. The president of the Students ‘ Association , David Eller , wrote in his public address: “These two people were very important to us all, and we will remember them for their noble hearts and strong spirit. “

The investigation showed that the Pilot lost control. The wreckage was found only at dawn outside Uvalde. The relatives were inconsolable, the joy of a magnificent and cheerful wedding was replaced by grief and hopelessness. No one could believe what was happening, because they had just seen them off on a flight.

Flying away by helicopter was a common idea of the newlyweds. They wanted the wedding day to be the best in their lives. “These two spent their last day on earth celebrating surrounded by the dearest and closest. I think this is really the best day of their lives.”- a friend of the couple told reporters.

This tragic story reminds us how fragile our lives are, and that this path can be interrupted at any moment. Therefore. You just need to try to live to the fullest and be happy right here and now. And don’t put off until tomorrow what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

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