People Are Sharing Funny Photos With The Statues


Many people have a great sense of humor. They actually know how to get fun from the simplest and most boring things. And this not only creates fun for themselves but also brings laughs to people around them.

They never miss capturing these funny moments and share them on social media. They are not the only one that has this hobby. Many other Internet users share the same funny images, bringing fun to others. If you spot these on the Internet, your days will be spiced up. Believe us!

And, here are 20 funny photos taken with the statues we’ve rounded up for this post. Try not to laugh so hard, guys. These people just enjoy their walk (and travel) in their own way. The statues seem to be more lively when captured in these people’s photos. Agree?

#1 Watch where you going, clown!

#2 I think we might have a criminal case here, lol.

#3 Oh dear please release me I will not have your cousin the TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING

#4 Hope you wiped that finger with hand sanitizer before you did that — and, of course, after!

#5 Awwwww! I’ll be good, I’ll be good.

#6 Ok I will do my homework.

#7 Confess that you laughed so hard.

#8 Really….

#9 Last week you were flying a kite in the rain…. Now this? Poor, crazy Ben. Smh…

#10 She kissed him so good:)

#11 Hilariously weird!!!

#12 Let’s take a selfie together!

#13 So precious!

#14 Why? I was just appreciating the artistic display!

#15 You look cool in that pic, right?

#16 Awesome shot!

#17 He needed a rest after biking all day. A nice big bear hug

#18 Always cheating you are????

#19 I’ll help you!

#20 Louder, I can’t hear you! The answer is NO!

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