Pilots, Mother-daughter duo


Pilots, Mother-daughter duo. ip

Piloting a plane is still a profession dominated by men. Estimates reveal that only about seven percent of commercial pilots are female. Which is why the situation encountered on a recent Delta flight is so unusual.

Aviation recently made history when passenger Dr.John Watrel found out that the duo piloting his Delta flight Boeing 757 was actually a mother and daughter. Captain Wendy Rexon and her daughter first-officer Kelly Rexon are the first mother and daughter duo in history to make a commercial flight together.

After a while it becomes a family business Wendy involve her two daughters and her husband who his a American Airlines pilot into the business. Despite the unpredictable difficulties, the women landed safely in Los Angeles, and Wendy witnessed for the first time how the woman made an emergency landing. “It was a difficult situation that was made easier because of the training and her competence.”

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