Praiseworthy toddlers help their parents in the garden from an early age


Parents are the light of our life. Throughout our life, they illuminate our path, not allowing us to deviate and lose our way.   A good parenting is a primary guideline to support all developmental aspects of a child . 

Some people hold the opinion that parents perform better as a teacher in each and every child’s life․  They play the great role in our life, giving us everything, caring and protecting us, teaching to live correctly and honesty.

Each of us should think to some extent to ease the worries of parents. Parents get older with age and lose their former strength and vigor with age. We are obliged to be by their side, to support them, to take care of them, to be happy to spend a lot of time with them, because they need love and warmth. No matter what age a child is, he still feels the need and love of his parents. The unborn child feels the mother’s love and warmth, and after birth has the opportunity to see, and hug her. In Australia, there are twins; Olivia and Zoya, 2 years old who help their mother.
These two children do not play or spend time in the garden, but help their mother by watering the flowers and taking care of them. It’s amazing how little twins can work at this age and help their mother.

Their parents have a big garden and a huge greenhouse. The parents work in the garden all the time and the children learn by seeing and copy the same way. At the same time, parents don’t leave them alone, they make sure they don’t suddenly use the wrong tool. Just look at how carefully and carefully these little girls remove the excess grass, water and take care of the plants and saplings, adorn themselves with the colors of the flowers. Parents do not force them to do this.

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