Princess of the ice skating


All people have their favorite activity, many like to sing, dance, but Taryn jurgensen’s favorite activity is ice skating. Many people can’t even stand on the ice, and it seems very difficult to them. But Tarya can’t imagine her life without figure skating. In one of her performances she excited and attracted the entire audience.

So many things can touch us — from a passionate kiss to a gust of wind. However, music can be just as powerful. In fact, some songs are even capable of causing goosebumps in entire stadiums. During the show, figure skater Taryn Jurgensen caused just such a reaction from a huge crowd when she went on the ice to perform a skating program to the song “Hallelujah”.

The music itself is powerful and emotional, but add to that Taryn’s beautiful choreography and you have a recipe for an award-winning performance. Watch the inspiring video below and share this wonderful ice show with your friends today!

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