Robinson’s beautiful friend. What does the actress who played Friday 45 years ago look like now?


The famous Italian comedy “Senor Robinson” has become the most successful film of the novel by Daniel Defoe.

All the men were jealous of the main character, played by Paolo Villaggio because he got an extraordinary beautiful Friday — Zeudi Arai as a partner.

She won a beauty contest. “Miss Ethiopia” first received an offer to act in advertising, after moving to Rome, the doors to Italian cinema opened for her.

Little is known about the personal life of the actress. In the 90s, Zeudi was widowed, and perhaps this tragedy was the reason for her departure from the profession. She became involved in producing, and two years later married for the second time.

Fans believe that in his 70 years, Zeudi Araya looks great. And it’s hard to disagree with them.

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